quarta-feira, março 28

Às vezes, a melhor maneira de dar um soco é dar um passo atrás.
Mas, se recuares demais, isso não é combate nenhum.

terça-feira, março 13

1975, arquivo do Diário de Notícias

"The biggest problem designers face is fear: fear of clients, fear of failure, fear of ideas. Our ability to overcome fear is perhaps the greatest skill we can acquire. Most bad design, most mediocre design, is a consequence of fear. Clients are frightened; designers are frightened; audiences are frightened. The modern world of commerce runs on fear: a markeplace terror that makes us timid and risk-averse. Most of us deal with fear by falling back on the familiar and the safe. But if we do this, we are not allowed to turn round and say our lives are dull. If we are going to avoid losing our souls, we have to overcome the fear"

Adrian Shaughnessy termina assim o "how to be a graphic designer without losing your soul" (2005)